About US

Who we are We, the creators of MonetApp, are regular facebook developers constantly struggling to bring something great to the world. Our efforts include several facebook applications, other social network applications, some video games that are in the works, and even video games that are social network applications.

So we deal mainly with people. Which is a coincidence because we are also a people! Sweet! On with the introductions.

Diwant, aka man-who-much-like-food, is a serial entrepreneur who also moonlights as a developer on our products. He loves manga, anime, and dark comics, along with anything with an edge to it. He has picked up the guitar (plays it occasionally as well), karaokes with friends, and always must list things in triplet.

Next, we have

Devneel, who has under his belt a myriad of facebook applications, but still finds time to appreciate the finer things in life. Few know devneel for his brief stint with short film production, music studio, and recreational camp. More know him to be a thinker, a man of ideas. And even more know him to be Devneel V on the facebook developer boards.

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